We thrive here in this domain for nature's greatest challenge. Here within our border lies a blanket of snow and a long season of winter, where it begins!
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 Roxanne's Bio

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PostSubject: Roxanne's Bio   Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:57 pm


3 1/2 years old

Alpha(Head in Charge)


Anne has a wise and bold personality. She is loyal and calm to the ones she trusts and protects, though her senses will vary. She can be overly protective and aggressive towards those who threaten her pack, she'll confront those who provoke and won't stand down. She'll fight until the one who intruded gives up, and who has suffered exposed wounds.

Roxanne was the smallest of the pups in her few weeks after birth, though she has gained her size as she grew older. She was the middle sibling out of her 4 sisters and brother. She was raised in a well known and loyal pack, that had a close bond, and are known for their abilities to strike fast and strong. She was always with her father and mother, she had a soft and playful side until the death of her mother and she was calm and silent. She then was brought upon by her father to show her to not be soft but to be vigilante and fast.

Around the size of an average Arctic wolf.

Weight: approx.
140 lbs

Coat Color:
Her coat consists of a pure white shade, Though she has a few markings along her back and forehead. These markings are hues of grays and browns, with black specks. She also has a shaggy tail and large paws.

Markings/Scars, etc:
Few scars on her vulnerable belly and her right side, that had engraved her shoulder.

Eye Color:
Dark gray with a hue of a light blue.

She has had recent fights with not just her sibling but other wolves as she protected this land.

Luna- Mother- Dead
Radar- Father- Unknown

Strengths: running, chasing, fighting, helping and swimming.

Weaknesses: Being cornered, hunting large game alone and losing a family member.

Friends: None Yet

Acquaintances: -

Stranger: Whoever she meets at first

Crush: -

Mate: -

Pups: -

Likes: snow, swimming, playing, sleeping and having protection

Dislikes: Mud, bears, intruding wolves


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Roxanne's Bio
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