We thrive here in this domain for nature's greatest challenge. Here within our border lies a blanket of snow and a long season of winter, where it begins!
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 Storm Issues and Power Outages

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PostSubject: Storm Issues and Power Outages   Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:54 pm

Hey pack members! If you're reading this now, lease be aware that, a thunder storm has came across my area and knocked our power out.
Currently I'm at a friends house and they're allowing me to use this laptop to tell you peeps this.
I'm not looking forward to the other storm on it's way and hope it's not as extreme. I hope to get back on, possibility of power that is out is five days.
Yes five days the power is out for, hopefully not any longer. Trees have been knocked over cutting the lines and including massive lightning strikes.
So, everyone will have to be patient and enjoy your time here as I will try my best and figure out how I'll be able to come on here and RP with everyone c;
I'm deeply sorry for this inconvenience, I wasn't expecting this storm, I thought it would pass through but instead it came above us and gave us a surprise early in the morning..
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Storm Issues and Power Outages
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