We thrive here in this domain for nature's greatest challenge. Here within our border lies a blanket of snow and a long season of winter, where it begins!
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 Rules That Apply

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PostSubject: Rules That Apply   Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:02 pm

Basically everyone here has signed up on WQ, correct?
Guests viewing this thread probably know what Wolf Quest is.
Well our packs rules and guidelines are performed how thay applied theirs.

As a Reminder~
-You must Stay Active, no matter how much time you ake off, always be certain of your free time.
-We're semi-literate; proper grammar is advised, same goes for proper language control, and only English is allowed!
- Keep mate related topics at a minimum, if you breed with your mate here, or confront someone as in begging for attention, you'll be banned from this pack!
-Special markings, powers and wings are forbidden! You may have certain standards of odd and rare eyes and pelts.
-You may change your character or rank as longas you message me your decision; no more than ONE rank permitted!
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Rules That Apply
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